Friday, May 30, 2008

Stupid free service

Sometimes it takes me a long time to make a tutorial video or learn a song, and that's ok. It's to be expected. But sometimes I finish my part and YouTube won't take the video, or it takes me days to upload something.

I really can't complain about a free service, but I will use it's little foibles as an excuse for why I haven't had a video up in a while and as a heads up for other people relying on YouTube. Some things that annoy me about YouTube right now:

1) YouTube uploading goes down sometimes. In my area, it went down for two straight days.

2) It takes about 4 hours for me to upload an 8 minute clip and I have a fast connection. That would be fine, I guess, but sometimes the connection (on their end) dies at some point over those four hours and the upload is lost.

3) There is a YouTube help page that claims you can upload clips longer than 10 minutes if you have status as a "Director". I switched my status to Director, waited seven hours for my 14 minute clip to upload, and it now says "Rejected (length of video is too long)". So either the help page is bogus or the programming is messed up. Either way, it shouldn't need to upload the entire clip, waste a whole night of time, to tell me the clip is too long.

A smart program would be able to tell the length before the whole thing is uploaded and immediately let you know if it's too long so you can get on with your next idea.

aha! From wikipedia:

At one time, when you signed up for a Director account setting, you were offered to have unlimited video length, but that is no longer offered...

So now I have a tutorial video that's 14 minutes long and has no home. I feel kinda like this kid. I don't really want to re-record it, and I don't ever want to split it into two parts. I'll probably just have to pare it down, which is unfortunate but maybe for the better.

If anyone knows how to get longer videos up, or a better way to upload, please help!


Stuart Camenzind said...

You could divide the video into parts...
I loved your Beirut tutorial by the way. For some reason I could not figure out the strumming pattern.

Paz said...

Arg, You are right that I could split it up, but I've hesitated to do that because it seems so disruptive to the learning process. I like the idea of a contained tutorial; one video in one place that tells you everything you need to know. It's seems somehow more inviting and less intimidating.

I think my challenge will be how to get across the entire song in ten minutes. I might shorten the chords section, and just show them quickly instead of saying "third fret, second string" for every finger.

And yeah, no chord sites ever go over the strumming pattern. It's a real shame, because the rhythm is often the defining part of a song.

Anonymous said...

You could try

That lets you download the video, but you can also watch it as a stream. Might be what you're looking for, or not. But they are very lenient about video upload sizes.

Hope this helped in any way.

Paz said...

Thanks for the tip!

I think if this were just a blog with videos, I would probably go for that. Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose, YouTube has become a huge part of the audience and exposure for Ukulala. Without YouTube, probably nobody would ever have found this site...

So I gotta stick with it and work within their "rules", man. It could be interesting to cram things into ten minutes that I might normally take a lot longer on.