Friday, May 2, 2008

Now with weekly poll! (and a cowboy on a ukulele)

In an effort to get to know the people who stumble across ukulala after misspelling 'ukulele' in their google search (the ukulala "base", as I call them), I am adding a weekly poll question to the site.

It's over on the right for most people, way at the bottom if your browser is IE (why? I have no idea).

The use of non-scientific polls with tiny tiny sample sizes will let me make broad sweeping generalizations of who you are. Also, the more I know the more I can cater my posts perfectly to YOU (...Henry!).

And I've made it easier to ask a question in the Ask Ukulala Anything box (only the question field is required now), because my super-sophisticated web-based traffic tracker says several people tried to ask a question and failed because they didn't fill in all the required fields. And that's a waste.

In the last post I promised this post would be about ukuleles, so just as a little history lesson, here's a classic historical shot of the early days of the ukulele:

Can you tell why they called this the "Wild West" period in ukulele evolution?

It's cause of the tuning pegs. Before they were regulated by federal law in 1907, they could be any shape. Those were truly different days.


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