Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Better know a subscriber: bDiddy1111

The biggest part of Ukulala (for now) is probably the tutorial videos I put on YouTube. Without those, this blog wouldn't have much to offer the ukulele world. People come across the videos and watch them --and then some people "subscribe" to my "channel" (I'm still getting used to the "lingo").

The videos I put up have somewhat of a niche appeal. As far as I can tell if you enjoy them, you have to be:
a) learning ukulele and
interested in the same songs I am.

That seems like a small market to me. In fact, I believe only one person I know in real life could possibly fall under that category, and she is also part of Ukulala.

With such a narrow tutorial subject, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see a new subscriber to my videos. There are others out there, I think to myself, and I imagine dudes who look like me --and women who look like me with a wig on-- carrying ukuleles and humming Love Fool. As of writing this right now, there are 62 of them.

But who are these people really? Sometimes I get curious (or excessively bored or whatever), and I click on their YouTube profiles and look at their channel with their videos, their favorites, and their comments on it. Then I immediately make rash judgments on everything about them-- who they are, what they like, and whether or not I like them.

I also make wild conjectures about their lives. In an effort to get to know some of the people in this "online community", and a further effort to rip off Stephen Colbert, this post is going to take you through my thought process while I get to know a ukulaladotcom subscriber!

A) Choose one subscriber at random.

Like most people, I make most of my random decisions by logging onto a website with a random number generator and inputting the number of choices. In this case, it's 62, one for each subscriber. It then chooses any integer between 1 and 62, in this case.... 35.

Then I find the 35th subscriber, and click on his/her profile. This subscriber's name is apparently bDiddy1111.

B) Take in their channel information.

Their current profile picture:

Joined: February 03, 2007
Last Login: 4 hours ago
Videos Watched: 1,352
Subscribers: 0
Channel Views: 53
Age: 28
Country: United States

C) Make a quick mental note of what's on their channel.

This I will demonstrate as a stream-of-consciousness:

This person is a 28 year-old American. The one video he has uploaded has some production quality to it. It is of four people (Justin Sun, Walter Chi, Brandon Rubin, and Geoffrey Qwak) playing on four violins at the San Marino Public Library Grand Opening. He's got a couple of other subscriptions, including collegehumor (and Flight of the Conchords) and another ukulele player, and an NBA channel. His favorites are mostly humor, random stuff, and a Baron Davis highlight reel.

D) Conjecturin' time!

bDiddy1111's name is Brandon Rubin. He's a 28-year-old asian violin player from San Marino, California. He doesn't spend much time on his YouTube channel, but when he does it's for humor or music purposes. He has a good sense of humor, a strong interest in classical music, and a nostalgic interest (possibly even ironic) in mid-90's hip-hop. He was shocked that bDiddy and bDiddy1 were already taken. He likes basketball, but these playoffs seem boring after last year's magical Golden State run (his favorite team). He owns several instruments, is learning the ukulele, and has more musical skill than I could hope to develop in this decade.

Well, that was a bit more specific than I meant it to be. I was thinking it would just be stuff like "this guy likes watching fake japanese girls on youtube make funny noises."

Now I'll go let him know I posted this, so that if he doesn't like random websites guessing at his personal life, I'll take them guesses down!

Profiling subscribers is fun!

But maybe I'll do it by request in the future. Or maybe just a few more unsolicited, and then by request.

I could also do a better job of ripping off Colbert and do an interview--but that sounds like a lot of work. Profiling based on superficial information is easier. Or so I learned at the airport.

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This is one certified request for you to profile the subscriber Bayreuth11.