Monday, June 2, 2008

Ukulala Out There

So one of the cool things about YouTube is how videos can spread and mix around out there in the big flying bit mess that is the internet. Once you put something up, anything can happen to it. Case in point, my friend put this little number up and ended up getting a call from Inside Edition, who featured the clip in an expose of vodka snorting and how it affected Prince Harry (no joke! they sent him a DVD of the episode) .

So yeah, you never know who might be interested in your videos. I decided to do a little check and see where exactly on the internet Ukulala videos are being featured, and here's what I got:
This is officially the top ukulele site out there, so it's been great to work with Woodshed on doing at least one collaboration (Boy With the Arab Strap). I'm hoping to do more with him in areas where our musical taste collides, or areas where video would really help his stuff.
Belle and Sebastian on
This is a very cool website I'd never heard of before. It seems to pull together all sorts of tutorial videos on every subject, organizes them, and makes them searchable. I think it's a great idea, I may even start using it for other things.
Beirut on
These guys made some of my all-time favorite videos EVER, apparently for both Beirut and Noah and the Whale. All the text on that page appears to be some sort of incoherent nonsensical gibberish ("apprenez à jouer Five Years au Ukulele et emportez le avec vous samedi, on va s’amuser !" ???! wtf?), so it's impossible to tell what they say about it, but I'm happy for the shout-out!
Noah and the Whale on
Frankly I don't how they get away with this, in a legal sense. It appears "aol video" just sets up video pages with youtube and other videos and calls them "aol videos". Whatever. I guess if more people see videos online, alls well that ends well. They have all the ukulala videos.
Ukulala on AOL Video
This site bills itself as "a revolution in guitar learning." They bring together guitar-specific tutorials and organize them by category. The only Ukulala video I did involving guitars was my terrible "how to turn a guitar into a ukulele" tutorial, so that's the only one on their site.
Guitar to ukulele with a capo on Actoguitar
This is a huge Brazilian site with more gobbledy-gook words ("sua busca termina aqui"-- guh-wuhhh???), along with a large selection of song lyrics. If you can find the Squirrel Nut Zippers and then click on Plenty More, a tiny little version of the Ukulala tutorial video pops up on the bottom right. Kinda funny. YouTube reports a whopping two clicks from there, so it's not exactly a huge draw.
Squirrel Nut Zippers on

That's all I could find. Kinda cool how stuff spreads in an online community, no?


Anonymous said...

"apprenez à jouer Five Years au Ukulele et emportez le avec vous samedi, on va s’amuser !"


"learn how to play Five Years with a ukulele and bring it with you on saturday, let's have fun !"

I'm french and i love your videos.

Paz said...

whoa, cool. you turned nonsense into english. is there anything french people can't do?!

Sarah said...

Your videos are so great, especially the ones of Beirut songs. I would be thrilled if you made one og The Penalty too :D said...

It can't really have success, I feel so.