Sunday, March 30, 2008

Round 2 at the urban dictionary

So earlier this year, I lost my chance to take credit for introducing a word or phrase into the American lexicon. I don't begrudge (American Hero) Ken Tremendous over at FJM, since he was after all the man who popularized the phrase, but did the guy who wrote this urban dictionary entry really need to throw in that Ken Tremendous noticed it first? It was ME, DAMMITIT IT WASM EMEE!!!!! (under the pseudonym "Lazarus")

Anyhoo, now that I've pathetically taken credit for something nobody cares about and moved on, I am going to push for my own, uncontested new word in the urban dictionary. As I hinted a few posts ago, I bring to this world:

"chorder", meaning "chord order". Please click and rate that word UP! (or down, whatever)

Will it spread across the "blogosphere" as fast and furiously as it would if Ken Tremendous had introduced it to his millions of loyal, borderline obsessive readers (like myself)? I, for one, am going to guess "yes". But only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I shall endeavor to use the word 'chorder' as often as possible. And possibly ukulinklinks.

Christian Herwitz said...
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Christian Herwitz said...

Is everyone creating words these days? Justin's got "hardcock," and Aaron came up with something...I don't remember what, though (not as memorable as hardcock, clearly).

Also...I've never heard you say "fuck the heck!"

Paz said...

woodshed- worrrd, I'm sure you can sneak both of those into pretty regular conversation.

Yeah, I mean I didn't really invent it, I just noticed it and passed it along to funnier minds. It got pretty big in the baseball blogging world.

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