Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cotton-pickin' fingerpickin' fun!

Alright, I decided to start mixin' it up a bit more and add some original content on this blog, so it's not just all videos of tutorials for songs I've learned. I created a second youtube account for ukulala, called ukulalaFORFUN, where I will hold non-tutorial bits and pieces for the blog.

I didn't want to put everything on the ukulaladotcom youtube account just in case people that subscribed for tutorials unsubscribe when they start getting other types of videos.

So here's something I've been working on to practice fingerpicking, with drums added by my homeboy and electronic drummer Gorch:

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Mundane Turbulence said...

Could Paz become the next (first) big thing in mainstream ukulele?? Good clip!