Sunday, March 23, 2008

How to play More Than This by the 10000 Maniacs

Who in the fuck doesn't love the 10,000 Maniacs? (sorry for the swearing, I can't stop quoting that guy from off-camera on Trailer Park Boys)

Until I learn how to play "What's the Matter Here?" or "Like the Weather", I have to represent them here somehow. So my first entry for them is More Than This, which isn't actually their song originally but they do the version I know best.

The lyrics and chords page I used can be found here.

Here's my tutorial on the basic way to play it on the uke:

0:00 - Boring, Long-winded Intro
0:38 - Tuning
1:07 - Chords
2:09 - Chord Order (The "Chorder", if you will. Currently under review at
2:48 - Strumming pattern (not quite right) and chord timing review
4:48 - Demonstration of first verse (voice added for timing purposes ONLY!)

I am not pleased with my strumming pattern for this song yet, so I am actually a bit disappointed that it's going to be my entry into the Play It Forward Ukulele contest from Julie over at Oh well, maybe if I do another tutorial before that 4/1 deadline (10 days?) I'll have a better chance to win that sweet FLEA ukulele.

Anyway the song at hand has five chords: C#, C#7, F#, G#m, and B. Most of the lyrics are sung over the looping 4 of

By tuning the ukulele up one note on each string (or putting a capo on the first fret), you can play those chords in the more standard C, C7, F, Gm, and A# positions.

The strumming pattern I came up with is similar (EXACTLY similar) to the one I did for the Arcade Fire song last month, which is that each loop consists of 8 beats (where each beat is a strum up or down):
1) down
2) miss
3) down
4) up
5) miss
6) up
7) down
8) up
(switch chords and repeat)

I might just have that rhythm stuck in my head, which is why I'm not happy with this video overall. If anyone has a better suggestion of how to strum this song, I'd love to hear it (and I don't mean that sarcastically... I'd really love to hear it).


Anonymous said...

the best version of More Than This is, clearly, Bill Murray's rendition in Lost in Translation.

i hope you win!

also, i just noticed the order of the tags in your right-hand navigation:

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# good ukulele players (1)
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Mundane Turbulence said...


Elana said...

Do you know how I could play a banjo song to go with a ukulele? I want to play a song with Emily.

Paz said...

I could show you how to play the banjo and ukulele together for "Plenty More" (see previous video).

The song is originally a banjo melody, so if she plays the background and you play the tune, I think it would sound right...

Molly said...

Its funny, i stumbled upon this hoping to find how to play What's the Matter Here? or Like the Weather... those are my absolute favorites, i would love to learn them too.

very nice video by the way :)