Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to play Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale

First off, many thanks to youtuber marcthaine for introducing me to this song a few weeks ago. It's a fun, simple, cute song, and a good video too.

Check out the original song here: Five Years Time by Noah and the Whale.
And the chords and lyrics from here.

And my tutorial video here:

Video breakdown:
0:00 - Intro
0:08 - Tuning (GCEA)
0:14 - Chords (C, F, and G)
1:42 - Chorder
2:05 - Strumming pattern (down - up - hit - up, switch and repeat)
2:53 - Tricky part in strumming (hiccup on the C only)
3:33 - Demonstration (starts slow, speeds up)

The song itself has only three chords: C, F, and G. The video goes over two possible options for which G to play. I think it's easier to play the standard G, but if you bar the second fret and put your fingers in the F position, you'll get the exact G he plays in the video, which might be worth it if you can do it well.

The chorder just repeats: C, F, G, F over and ver and voeover and over and voer anbdnvoer.....etc

The strumming pattern is
1) down
2) up
3) hit
4) up
(switch chords and repeat)


Rooke4Chess said...

This is the greatest strumming lesson ever, it is the greatest chord changing lesson ever, it provides instant satifaction, before this lesson I couldn't get no satisfaction, ah no no no, I couldn't get me no satisfaction, no... no... no. Ok so i'm no comedian, but this lesson is a true blessing, I learned a little about chord progression 1st, followed by this and now I'm a Uke-Rocker.


"Uke til ya Puke"


Paz said...

Ken, !!!!

Thank you for one of the most double-plus good comments ever! I realize there may be some hyperbole in there somewhere, but I sure as hell can't find it. Especially the part about the blessing.

Go forth and uke, my son.

robert-grijs said...

Hey ,

I really appreciate your ukulele lessons , your song choice is great!

I can't seem to get the "hit" right in the strumming pattern. Any ideas besides practice ?



Paz said...

Hi Robert,

This is a question I've got a lot so far. I tried to answer it in Ask Ukulala Vol. 2, but I think it's tough to explain without a video or something to go along with it.

I found this online:

which seems to be a good little lesson. I think it still takes a lot practice to make it smooth, but at least you know you'll be practicing the right thing!

Like a wise coach once told me: "Practice doesn't make perfect--practice makes permanent."

Shane said...

I was playing this like they suggested on Ukehunt, but it was wrong, and my friend kept telling me it was wrong, but we couldn't figure it out. Awesome lesson, your strumming pattern is what fixed it. Thanks!

Paz said...

Thanks, glad to hear that helped! Strumming pattern problems are no joke...

Mi said...

This is a true revelation, your style is really clear and to the point very useful and supportive! Thanks so much - have been trying to play this for months! I may now eventually succeed :)

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leander said...


I saw your T-shirt and was wondering if you are a resident of Detroit. I recently moved downtown and was hoping to find a ukulele teacher, I have been playing for about a year.

Let me know if you teach: