Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Ukulele Hunt (is on)

I just added a link over on the left to a great site called "ukulelehunt.com". It's got detailed tabs and chords in pdf format for a bunch of songs--most notably Beirut songs. The guy over there loves the uke too, so I can trust him.

I plan on learning the uke part to two favorite songs of mine: Postcards from Italy and Elephant Gun. And maybe The Penalty once I've heard it a bunch more times. To put it in perspective, my iTunes play count for the last year has...

Elephant Gun: 1014
Postcards: 971
Penalty: 30

...so, as you can see from those perfectly normal non-obsessive play count numbers, i just haven't heard The Penalty enough.

I've already got the basic beginning to Postcards, thanks to our instructional-if-distracting friend youtube. Maybe once I can play either song to some degree I'll return the favor and put a beginners level instructional video up on how to play what i have at that point.


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