Monday, January 7, 2008

mixed strumming

This is my basically an intro video so I can keep track of where I am starting at. The chords don't get too involved, and there wasn't any thought put into them beforehand. It starts at C and F and goes to G and some other basic ones.

Hopefully I'll look back at this someday and say "What a pile of shit." Hopefully that day won't be tomorrow.


julie said...

The video isn't there anymore... :(

Jukes said...

dang... it should still be there, and i see it now. i think it must have been a temporary youtube problem.

julie said...

Yes, it's working now for me too :o) Thanks!

BTW: what brand of uke are you playing?

Julie Strietelmeier

Jukes said...

Hi Julie!

Someone's gotta keep youtube on it's toes...

I'm using a Hamano concert ukulele with the original strings. I know you're interested in reviews, so here's the product:

...and I don't have a lot of reference since it's my only ukulele, but I think it's a particularly beautiful instrument with a great weight and tone. I've been very satisfied.

Kudos to your ukulele review site, by the way.


Jukes said...

looks like that link got cut off... and I don't know how to add a link to a comment.

julie said...

Thanks and nice uke! :)